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Been mapping on this map for some days now. The setting is, I know, booring and the layout isn't anything special.

I just wanted to get a better grip at the new Hammer so I thought making an pretty easy dm map where I could test out some things out would be a good idea. The map size is pretty small (4-8 players would be best)

(The jpg compression made the lighting abit bland)





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Thanks all :)

Ferret: Thanks! It's awesome to see you noticed that. I started with the white house (first pic) and wanted to create a very nice looking house heh, so I ended up using much brushed based details. So i just kept on with that :)

I know performace will suffer with much brushed based details, but this map is rather small so I think it will work.

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looks like one of the town's from Resident evil 4 :D.

Spoiler: *** **** *** *** ***** ** ***** **** **** **** *****.

I like your lighting :D. are you using a texture for the lighting, or does HL2 do the spot light automatically? Are you creating your own textures and models or using the in-game ones?

Looks really good for a Test! lol

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