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(UE4) Sci-fi Colony Bunk Room


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Hey all, thanks for the responses! I'm not fussed if stuff comes out as harsh, I'm honestly not taking it to heart and I really just want to hear what everybody thinks. I'm not neccessarily going to take on all feedback but I'm keeping a close eye on everything!


The big thing left to do is obviously dressing, as I mentioned in my previous post. I want to do a lot of dressing now, in terms of modifying these base pieces (separating the drawers/cupboards so I can open/close them as I like in the Editor), making lots of smaller props and dressing the scene more, and also doing a big decal pass on everything. One other thing I haven't yet explored is vert colour too, I could experiment with adding more dirt/grime with vert colour. I'm going to do a first dressing pass first though to get a bit more storytelling in the scene. Imagine this current iteration as the factory-default bunk room, now comes the making it look more individual and lived in!


I'm thinking of dressing this scene in 2 passes: Firstly, who lived here, and what was his role on the station? I'm going to think about what he was like as a person and what kind of items he would have had around... And then secondly, as I stated in a previous post, this station has been abandoned for 10 years and you're sent there to find out where everybody went... I'm imagining people evacuated to the planet surface in a hurry, so I'm going to make it a bit more ransacked and looted.


@Koko - Great feedback man, thank you very much! I'm definitely going for a lot of the stuff you mentioned, I will add some of those to my props list! Love the idea of some horrible, trippy, floral curtains! :D Want to get a lot more organic stuff in if possible, for example doing some little plants etc. This scene for me isn't just a portfolio scene, it's gearing myself up for the nextgen of environment art with PBR and Unreal 4. I was thinking of doing lots of blueprint stuff but I think I'd rather learn a lot of that in a separate greybox project.


@Sprony - I hear you. It is very brown and white at the moment. I mean, just look at it in flat mode below, damn! One thing I'm going to look at, is getting a little more colour into the scene, but not part of the dressing pass. I was thinking of some pipes, but I don't want to just throw them in there for no reason. This is a bunk room not some kind of engineering corridor, so why would there be pipes? If I do place them I'll have to have a think about where. Possibly in the ceiling.


However, I'm not going to be re-thinking the brown wood/off-white plastic, I'm quite attached to that now! Plus I think the scene has been kinda built around that motif now anyway.



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I like the color scheme and the wood. The only problem with it in my humble opinion is that ther's just too much of the wood eveyrwhere. Think it would look better if the plastic would dominate more.


And maybe you could add another color tone to add more variation. Look at these ugly ass 70's patterns. That green would fit for example or some more yellows and oranges, tho the lighting already does a good job with that.





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Haha I actually have that as a ref. I'm gonna explore more colours like that. I was thinking of adding in some padding originally but I didn't explore it too much as I didn't want to just do an Alien:Isolation fan scene :) 


Perhaps a big-ass rug on the floor would work, I actually did one of those for Alien!


Oh and lava lamp is a definite!

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The kitchen area reminds me too much of a camper, somehow. I would assume it's a little bit less cozy and more industrial. Maybe it's the wood, don't know. Up to you what look you're going for obviously, just thought I'd share what I thought about when looking at it ;)


Those ´70 patterns are awesome, remind me a lot of my grandparents house :D

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I like it! I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the retro brown kinda theme reminds me of the original Solaris movie.


This is actually a really interesting point. Agreed.


I like the scene a lot more. It's starting to look not "game-realistic" but "real" realistic, the handkerchief by the sink is a nice touch. Starting to look very human which is awesome. I still think the scene falls a little flat just because it looks like 5% space and 95% some tacky house, but that's alright. It's the theme and not your work.

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