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(UE4) Sci-fi Colony Bunk Room

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Cheers guys.


Yeah I definitely want to push the space stuff a little more, outside the window. More rooms/corridors should help give it a sense of location :)

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I guess it looks like an caravan because you would expect something really futuristic like Holographic stuff and a lot of glowy bits and pieces. Instead, there is for instance that old Screen or the wired phone in there.

Also the materials shown are all things that you could find in a caravan (White plastic, wood, brown plastic, rubber-ish materials etc).

Well, these are definetly not bad things, but it makes it more difficult to think of it being something spacey/futuristic.


Turning the camera by 180 degress to show that the room is not somewhere on earth but in space would probably make you think of it being more futuristic.

Not that I think that you should do that, I just want to say that its missing something that lets you think that this is indeed something spacey.^^


I wonder what the spaceship/station would look like from the outside though.


btw, the whole style reminds me more of a http://www.stationwagon.com/gallery/pictures/1977_Ford_Pinto_rear.jpg than a caravan. Well, atleast the color scheme.^^


whatever, looking retro and sexy. :)

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Lookin' sweet. Especially that awesome rug and the improved view.
Along those lines, I found this on an image blog a little while ago. You know what you have to do...




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Cheers Pone, I appreciated your comments early on. Nice to get a bit of truly honest feedback! I feel like the scene improved a lot as a result.


I'm going to be doing something much more organic next. I'm not neccessarily going to make some sort of cave covered in trees and grass, but just something non sci-fi. I was thinking of doing a scene from an old game but in Unreal.. Maybe. Not quite sure just yet.


I know for sure that I need to practice my Zbrush skills though!

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