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Dedicated modelling programs (Silo, Modo etc.)


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Do any of you mapcoreans have experience with dedicated modellers, such as Silo or Modo? I kinda like the idea, but for now 3ds Max is where I model 99% of my stuff. But I am not always too keen on Max's texture or animation tools. So to be able to string together a custom pipeline of workflow suited to your need and tastes sounds appealing. Say, modelling in Modo. texturing in ZBrush, animating in XSI, rendering in Mental Ray...

These new modellers claim to be oh so intuitive and artists friendly, what's your take on that? Yes, I know I need to sit down and spend some quality time with the software. But I don't have that time now, so in preparation, I want to narrow the field of packages down a bit...

Any takers?

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