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Feedback on Necromaton - point and click shooter


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Hi there!


As the topic suggests, I'm looking for some feedback on my new game Necromaton.

Throughout my life, I’ve been a huge fan of cooperative games.  My favorite co-op games are the ones that are fast paced and exciting, while also being intellectually stimulating enough to require good teamwork and coordination.  Because of this, I’ve created the game Necromaton.  For more information, a trailer, and downloads, check out the website www.necromaton.com .


Anyway, to avoid spamming you guys, I'll keep this short.  Necromaton is a cooperative birds-eye view shooter game.  It features a point-and-click control system that can be configured to be similar either to Starcraft or to Diablo.  Necromaton also features an RPG-like leveling system in which kills grant experience.  Experience likewise allows the players to unlock various skills such as the Frag Grenade or Stim Pack.  However, the monsters get stronger with time, and so it is very important for the players to complete the level’s objectives before they get overwhelmed.


To be honest, I'm now struggling with tunnel vision.  I've watched my friends play, and their feedback was crucial.  I'd love to hear from you guys as well!  The project is young, and your input will definitely help guide the project as it matures.  I'll definitely check this thread occasionally, but the best way to contact me is through the forum I’ve set up at www.necromaton.com/forum .


Thanks again!



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Hi mmortall,


Thanks for your wonderfully insightful comments.  I hope you can continue to provide your super awesomely helpful feedback.


Anyway, perhaps I can provide some clarification.  This is an indie game.  Believe it or not, the graphics are fine compared to other successful indie games out there.  You should check out Monaco.


I did my research before starting the project, and the idea is original.  As far as I could tell, there are currently no other co-op point and click skill based birds eye camera zombie games out there.  Perhaps you can clarify what you had in mind?


Well, thanks again for your wonderfully intelligent and insightful feedback!  You really brightened my day.

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Mmortall, I just checked out your game just now.  Dude, that's awesome!  I love pudge wars.  Rock on!


Anyway, I'm probably not going to improve the graphics anytime in the near future.  Necromaton, like Hook Wars, is homage to the good old days of WC3 custom games.  So why must the graphics be of SC2 quality?   ;)


And now I understand the context you were coming from when you said that the idea is not original.  True... there were WC3 custom games that were quite similar.  But I'm still pretty sure that there are no indie games like this currently out there.


Anyway, good luck on Hook Wars!

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