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Materialing - Free Photoshop Material Painting


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Hey there guys!(and gals)


I'm happy to finally be able to share this personal project of mine with you! It's a photoshop plugin for painting with materials in the comfort of the familiar photoshop environment.


The core pillar of Materialing is complete non-destructiveness and ease of reuse. The plugin empowers You to create extremely reusable material presets and layer them for production of your unique assets. The material layer masks are always there which gives you an option to replace a material layer at any given time while keeping the mask and automatically updating all the textures that compose a complex next gen material. On top of that the parent material keeps track of all the assets that ever used it and if at any point in production you decide to update your source material preset - the changes can automatically be propagated across all the usecases. And like that wasn’t enough you are free to tweak your material presets in your unique assets .PSD(albedo hue shift for example) and your changes will be saved even if you choose to reimport or update your material preset.

Materialing aims to make reuse easy enough that people actually do it.

Oh and it's also absolutely free :)



Drive link:


Direct download link:


PDF Doc link:



I'm also sharing a modest library of material presets to get you up and running:



I'd be happy if you can find as much use for it as I did. If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback they'll be strongly appreciated :) I very much hope to keep this tool updated and improving to make it better for everyone and I can only do that with your help.


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I think it is cool !

The idea to in a way paint on all the channels of a pbr texture at the same time is very sexy ! :)


I know, I know that it is free, so I have no reason to complain. But when I make a tool for other people I want it to be successful. So I assume it is probably also your case, so those comments might interest you:


Maybe it could go even further in the automated parts and interface features.

Like material preview when you import one, or some way to select the mask automatically when importing a material (by a colormap or using the current selection, or I don't know).

When I read the documentation, it seems that there are still manual steps that could be automated or avoided.


Overall, really cool but not 100% user friendly yet.



Also some downside with the videos, you are just going really fast about the important/key parts and manipulations (you present the plugin interface in one sentence and we see it for like 2 seconds). All the more or less important manipulations are just overviewed in a few seconds, it makes it hard to even make the link between what you are saying and what we are seeing in the video. When we get what you explained it is already gone in the video.

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Thanks Nicoreda!


Oh it's all greatly appreciated ng.aniki! I'm putting those up into a feature request list up in the polycount thread(there's a button to get to it in the tool itself).

As for the video you're also very right. It wasn't a tool overview but rather a quick pipeline example. I'm considering a new video with more indepth review at some point. Thanks again!

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