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[CSGO] cs_sportscentre


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Thanks for the comments guys.


@Pampers. Where exactly do you feel the textures are overscaled? Nothing looks off to me.


@El_Exodus. Stadium was the first name I went for, but since its not really a stadium I changed it. Will probably return to that name though as although its not entirely accurate, its far better than cs_sportscentre

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Looking good! How about:


I think as there's already a famous de_stadium it would be best avoided. It wouldn't harm to go more abstract if you can't find a good literal one -- something like cs_strife for example.
Re: Overview, a quicker way than manual painting would be to take one overview screenshot with props, details etc. turned on and one without. Then put the image with full props/details in a layer above the empty one and apply the eraser tool liberally to any areas with too many ceiling details to reveal the simpler image below.
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Might be the grout as text_fish mentions as the tile textures are the same size as most of the stock ones. Is it just the black and white tiles that look off or do the pool ones also look off? I will reduce the grout thickness on them as a test and post comparison shots

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      Two new asset releases!

      First up is Basalt. Sadly I can't release all of the assets as some of the nature stuff is from Megascans and can't be redistributed. Also only includes the assets I've made.


      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


      As always, free for non-commercial use with attribution. 
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