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SAMPA // A near-future sci-fi city in Unreal 4


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Agreed, I'd love to see this populated with AI people  that's something that's completely out of my reach for this project :( I'm thinking of releasing a playable demo later on so maybe I could add some if there's a free package somewhere or someone willing to donate some characters.



I would have figured so much! An even cheaper option could be to have one of your scrolling signs say something about a curfew in effect ;)

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This looks great Minosssssss!


Agree on some more atmospheric FX.


The trees do look a bit out of place.

With so many ads and lights, maybe string some sci-fi lamps to them (may be a bit too close to christmas trees :P) or make them look like some plastic fake ones?

Or work with lighting them from underneath, facade lighting style.

Or keep only the large trees by the mapcore building and the ones in the last picture, I think the repetition along the streets looks a bit strange for this scene.


Last suggestion - the dark building on the corner, first and third image. I think the way it ends is a bit dull, maybe add something to the top to create a more interesting silhouette? Airduct/antenna/satelitedish/helipad - just something to counter the straight edge/corner.

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Loving it so far, agree on the FX part + the trees.


The one bg building reminds me of the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, was that one of your refs? :D


haha looks similar indeed, but my reference was a building called Copan in Sao Paulo:


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