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Quixel Suite Open Beta


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Anyone been using this at all? I've used it quite a lot at work, and to be honest I'm not really a big fan. Quite a lot of the time, I end up just not using Ddo because I end up waiting ages for layers to update or whatever, and I just find it quicker to work in Photoshop. I'm probably just using it wrong, or maybe I'm just one of those annoying old school people now :)


Edit - To clarify, I have been making a lot of concrete/brick/tile materials, nothing particularly metallic/plastic, so maybe that's why I'm not getting the most out of this. It seems to be good for individual props or very unique assets more so than other environment work.

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I bought it some month ago but never found anything to use it on yet :(


but yeah Pogop, loading and working times are a bit tedious, i think everything runs faster when you know what you are doing and how to achieve it (like any software), but right now I was just doodling trying to figure out the suite actually works. The whole masking system looks fabulous, but I never managed to achieve such a result.

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I've been using ddo a bit in the new quixel suite. It's quite useful with the megascans, smart materials and masks to texture stuff _fast_. Together with the ability to use your own custom materials for the megascans workflow i can see myself using this a lot for our next project.


What i'm not so happy about is ndo. It runs like crap for me. Like, move some stuff around in unzipped layer at what feels like 3-4 fps. It's impossible to work like that so i'll just use it for simple stuff like i did all the last couple years.

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