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Hi all! Here's a preview of DE_SUBZERO. The awesome Tanuki (creator of Seaside and Downtown) helped design the layout, and I created all the art. However, penE from DE_CACHE made the old-school c

Hi guys   So it's summertime for me. That means, I want to create 3 new maps! I'm creating this thread to keep account of these projects and because it should be a fun journey for all, like

OK! Here are the first screenshots of DE_SANTORINI.      For this level, I'm trying to purely map "tones", until I'm ready to add in actual textures. The tones allow me to control for contrast

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1 hour ago, will2k said:

The longer you work with UE4, the harder it will be to go back to Source. :D

Are you planning on making a small game or campaign using UE4? or just fiddling around?


I have another Source map that's 60% done, so probably done with Source after that.

5 hours ago, Vilham said:

FMPONE weeb confirmed!

Looks like a beat em up stage.

Wrong, I only like red blooded American adult cartoons, such as the Flintstones. Mature stuff like that.

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