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Hi all! Here's a preview of DE_SUBZERO. The awesome Tanuki (creator of Seaside and Downtown) helped design the layout, and I created all the art. However, penE from DE_CACHE made the old-school c

Hi guys   So it's summertime for me. That means, I want to create 3 new maps! I'm creating this thread to keep account of these projects and because it should be a fun journey for all, like

OK! Here are the first screenshots of DE_SANTORINI.      For this level, I'm trying to purely map "tones", until I'm ready to add in actual textures. The tones allow me to control for contrast

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I think the left hand site is a little too  open for a retake/defuse




Early days obviously ;)


Retaking this bombsite is easy, that's true. That's intentional though, the B bombsite is easier to take for Terrorists and easier to retake for CT's, the A bombsite is harder to take for Terrorists and harder for CT's to retake. 

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Next project is based in Santorini, Greece.




Layout is here if you'd like to try it out:

There's also another project that will remain hush hush for now :)



Cool, I've just been there in October. Let me know if you need somebody to tell you that the level's alleys are still too wide and there are not enough stairs and donkeys to match the real Santorini experience. ;)



How about, did you take any high resolution photographs? ;p



I did! But most of them have my ugly mug on display so I'm afraid they won't be of much help :(

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There are plenty of great photographs of Santorini on the internet, sure.
But if you need some more inspiration, I recommend you check out "Art Of Motion Santorini" on youtube.
There are annual free runner championships and those guys do run across the roof tops, etc. a lot so you can find great close ups of the architecture in those videos.


Here is a great example:




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