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Peter Harries - Game/Level designer


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Hi guys!


Recently I've been spending a bit of time shining up my portfolio and would like to get some feedback.


One issue I am aware of is that some of the images can be slow to load in, would be good to know if other people see this as well. I think I need to look into better compression.





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Hey thur Pete !


Right off the bat I think there's a good structure to your portfolio. I also really liked your Dev Diary. It's refreshing to see exactly who's behind the webpage/work. Kind of gives me ideas for mine :).


Hum... you spelt professional ­--- "proffesional" in your Aliens : Isolation thumbnail. I would correct that right away.


One other thing is that I find some of your text to be a bit long. Certain explanations could be delivered through a bullet point form and have the same effect (but then again that's just me. I prefer quick concise explanations).


Kudos for putting up gameplay/showcase videos.


I have a pretty decent Internet speed (30mbs) and your blog page still took a bit of time to load. Do you have an option to limit the number posts that are shown at a time on page ? Just so it loads faster for the user. But still, I've seen way worst in terms of loading time.


Good job !

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Thanks for all the feedback! Good spot on the spelling mistake! Also changed the blog posts to 2 and it seems to be loading faster already :)


I'm the same as you and do prefer bullet pointed info but someone else mentioned that they like to see some in depth explanation behind the work. Tricky one that!


Another thing someone else mentioned was changing the resume page to a PDF to make it as easy to print as possible. Which I thought was a really good point. 

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