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Any recommendations for a standing desk?

Jonny Phive

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I have recently had more intense back and neck issues. Most likely my work posture... I went to a chiropractor to get adjusted so that has been helping, but I want to convert to a standing desk.. I used some boxes and things to make a make-shift standing desk but after half a day of standing my feet end up super sore. I read that going to a sitting workstation near the end of the day is recommended since standing all day can be just as bad as sitting.. So I figure eventually it would be nice to purchase a desk that can easily adjust between levels. Anyone experience these issues and have any recommendations?

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I stand up for most of my workday usually, I make exceptions only if I push myself in exercise somehow. The first two days I tried were terrible, but after that I adjusted fine for the next two months. Around that mark I started feeling a bit of knee pain so I went to my doc and he basically told me "oh lol concrete floor + sneakers = no go, get better shoes or a carpet." So yeah, that's my current knowledge.

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