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Sucks that shit gets leaked all the time, blows for developers As a dev I really enjoy waiting in anticipation in front of a big TV screen with all your coworkers, seeing the reveal live and all of t

Cool DLC bro!

open "beta" considering it is literally identical to bf3/4 with just a skin change I don't really know what they are testing.

Every time you play the "Beta" origin pops up a thing saying "Like it? Preorder it!". I think it's basically a demo, I don't even see any way to report bugs: Earlier today I saw a dude laying down (just revived I think?) slide quickly across the floor distractingly while his teammate shot at me.

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Yeah I have to agree with this, it's engaging when both teams are working together and playing the objectives but it gets frustrating if most of the team has their heads elsewhere. I've had some fun moments hanging out on the roofs doing my own thing sniping and ziplining around, but it seems like this isn't contributing to the general effort as much as having my feet on the ground with everyone else, because it's too easy for someone to gtfo with the package on a bike or something and therefore the moments in which I have the most fun are contributing to the frustration of other players or to our team's loss :P

The map seems really small for a Battlefield game (there is reasoning behind this, sure, but still) and I'm not entirely sold on the gunplay either. I skipped out on BF4 so I can't comment there but in BF3 I felt the combat was a little more thoughtful and at least made me consider the decisions I made as I moved through the environments. Here I feel comfortable just sprinting and jumping all over the place and being careless with my ammo. It usually works out in my favour, but it doesn't feel as satisfying. 

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second world war and vietnam and now this.


dice has done alot and done it good


ea is just afraid of turning battlefield into COD


the turth has been told by nexuz


its the redwood city studio developing hardline..


and my feeling about this game is its going to turn out in anyway possible

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I think it's fairly ok. It's just looks like a poor value proposition, imo, with BF4 still so recent, and the sticker price at 60 dollars. I've still got new BF4 content supposedly coming that I've already payed for, why would I drop $60 (plus premium, no doubt) for what feels like kinda new, kinda rehashed BF4 content?

If this was a 1943 type deal, it would be so much better.  Having what is a pretty experimental thing be a little $15 game would be killer.

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