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Doom 2 Mod: You're doing it right sir!

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lol somebody should tell that guy about the existance of UDK and watch him having a heart attack


Maybe he just really wanted a fully dynamic light system? He doesn't seem to use it much in that video though.   


heh when I first saw the video I thought to myself "how is this the doom engine?". Then I remembered there's another Doom after Doom2. 




EDIT : What in the actual fuck? This IS the doom2 engine? That is innnnnsanne. 

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It's not really the doom 2 engine. It's the extensions engines that were created by fans to make it full 3d and have jumping, etc.


Total Chaos is an upcoming total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the source ports GZDoom and Zandronum.

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I don't get why people are doing this, but hey if they like having to create generic buildings that's cool I guess


Did you try making a map for goldsource again ? it feels like a waste of time which makes me stop, but damn, the bittersweet music of nostalgia is so delightful on a rainy afternoon.

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I saw this recently and found it interesting. I think it has potential to be scary and with good level design could become a sort of underground classic. Its impressive what you can do with the Doom engine these days.

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      Two new asset releases!

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