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its my first model thread #3


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I think it uses too many faces for what it is - you could remake it with 12 sided cylinders without any signficant quality loss by a substantial polycount saving. Would be interesting to see how many polies are used on the handle as well - might be worth posting a wireframe or wireframe overlay to see if people can spot optimisations.

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what's the point ?

Come on good sirs. Whatever you did in the first place, may it be mapping, texturing, whatever. What do you expect from posting such models that are done in 10 minutes ? There's nothing to crit at all :(

Just spend the time you need for making such threads on the the next model and post something really nice... I mean no offense, but its a simple can. What would you like to hear ? I mean obviously you understood the basic features. Why don't you use this knowledge to do an object that consists of more than a simple cylinder shape thing and a grip ? That wouldn't be too hard for you at all..

If someone posts his first map here, people go all mad, but the model forum gets full with these "lookie, its my first model threads".

You guys know how to use to tool, why don't you make something more interesting out of it.

sry, that I used your thread for saying this, but you were just the one on the top :)

@reno: well you are actually doing textures and stuff, and you can actually see the progress. thats a good way of doing it and there's nothing wrong with that. Just wanted to push the others a bit, cause they know how things work and...

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Delete all those bottom faces and any other faces used to close the cylinders...bar the top ones of course. Thats wasting a whole lot right there.

Fabi, yeah I see your point, I guess its due to us mappers being used to showing off our work these days, and so it comes second nature :D I pounce on people for posting their first levels, and its really no different for modelling. I have learnt the error of my ways :)


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