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Yup. You know all well and good that company decisions about Uplay, no game on Steam UK, etc. are all decisions above us devs (trust me, we don't like it any more than you do). If you don't agree with

Guys, if you disagree with a company's policy, boycott the product. If you want to make a statement, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Otherwise the signal you are sending is "more DRM plx".

Glad we're finally announced ! Dark and I are working on it .

Looks real pretty, but those hallucination parts were my least favorite part of fc3 :v


Yeah I really liked the first one in Farcry 3, but I never made it to the other ones, just watched them in videos. Shangri-la is much different, a journey rather, gameplay focused based on a historic legend in Kyrat. 


"While Far Cry 4 will follow the present-day story of a man named Ajay Ghale who runs afoul of the charismatic but dangerous ruler of a fictional Himalayan country, the game will have a secondary component that lets players assume the role of a noble warrior named Kalinag, fighting to liberate Shangri-La from a demon’s grip.

The Shangri-La levels (5 of them) will be opened up as Ajay locates pieces of a lost painting and meditates on their meaning. I went hands-on with one of the chapters at a recent preview event in Montreal, sneaking around a surreal world presented in shades of orange and red and firing arrows at enemies with a bow that slows down time when drawn – very handy when taking on masked demons who can phase in/out of existence, or a fire-flinging demon called a Scorcher.

The Shangri-La levels pair the player with the Protector, a white tiger who will attack enemies on command. But the true nature of the Protector, the demon Rakshasa and Shangri-La’s thematic connection to Ajay’s reality will be revealed over time."


GT has a impressions vid up that explains a bit more and shows more of the Gamescom demos.


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This is going be so much fun:



Yeah, looks cool! My only beef is that some of the weapons feel really recycled (AK, P416, Shotgun, Vector) which, really isn't that big of a deal but it's always fun to familiarize yourself with a new arsenal and it's also a chance to wash away some of the "re-hash"-taste that people might complain about.

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