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Echoes of Glory (ut2003/2004) mod looking for ppl


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We are a new and upcoming ut2003/2004 American Civil War Mod called Echoes of Glory and are currently searching for mappers and modelers, if you're a good mapper contact me at heavenz_movie79@hotmail.com or visit our official forums at : http://www.echoesofglory.halflife2news.com/forums/

You can also contact us on irc gamesnet #eog or enterthegame #eog

We are also looking for a sound artist. You can see some screens from the mod here :


More screens are to be added. Site will be up in the coming days. If you want to find out more about the mod feel free to emaíl me or visit us on gamesnet.


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lol no we were hosted by HL2 news, when we were gonna do a HL2 version, then we switched to the ut2003/2004 engine and were hosted by the same owner, but the forums on the new site redirects to the old site, hence the somewhat confusing forum hosts. Hope it clears things out!

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