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Game of the show for me ish6nntkdak3pdvq7i3v.bmp



At the show played some Alien Isolation, Far Cry 4, Super Smash, Morpheus Demo, Star Citizen, Hardline and a bunch of awesome Indie games coming... But still Zelda won hearts and minds. haha.


Oh and Batman looks amazing. Going to try and play some Destiny tomorrow.


If anything, I learned this E3 how expensive 2015 will be. lol

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Mother of god, i´ve had a Wii-U for 18 months and have barely played it. Bought Mario Kart 8 and i CANNOT STOP PLAYING IT. It is perfect! And now a new Zelda!


Did you try mario 3d world? Game looks absolutely incredible and creative.

No i haven´t. Gonna check it out :)

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Obviously no 'PC' keynote or press conference but a vast majority of the hardware vendors and games I actually played were on PC! :) Hope that helps!


On semi-related note, got to check out Alienware's 499.99 Steam OS PC and it was actually pretty strong. About the size of an Apple Time Machine and played Portal coop beautifully. I never was into Alienware but the demonstrations of that machine and their X51 are alluring for the PC 'in the living room' market. I enjoy keyboard/mouse, but sometimes would like to enjoy our massive Steam libraries on a couch with my feet up haha.

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1) Saw the Batman Arkham Knight demo...as a fan I felt serviced. At the end I felt like shouting "take my money, please"


2) Witcher 3...oh man looks good ever more so after watching at Warner booth.


3) Played a bunch of stuff at the Nintendo booth.  Splatoon was oddly fun but is it worth a whole game?


4) Smashbros DS.  Yes, but I don't play 3DS games.


5) Mario Maker. About f'ing time!


6) Evolve.  Played it.  Man is it fun.  Really...just damn fun.


7) Bordlands Pre Sequel - it's borderlandsier.  I'm a fan. Low G is their answer to mech suit jumping.  But with that Borderlandsian humor/v.o.  Personally, it will likely have my money.


8 ) CoD AW: it's a CoD game for sure. With mechsuits!


9) Destiny.  ........................put this way I'm probably going to see it in the next couple weeks at Activision in their "clean room" for PR/press/analyst/etc. demos.  Or so they tell me.  Maybe I'm dumb but from watching it at E3 I don't get the game yet.  I get the awesomeness of Bungie's ability to create a universe and all, but I need to get up close with this thing.  I'm sellable but just not sold yet.  (Waiting to be proven soooooo wrong.)


10) Playstation TV.  Definitley interesting if it works.  Not so sure about how it fits with my PS3/PS4/vita yet (haven't reviewed all the features yet) but I'm cautiously optimistic.


11) Killzone DLC ... 4 player coop.  Killzone fans: this looked really cool.  And it's got IR:



That's two years in a row he was demoing Killzone Shadowfall!  


12) Wargaming.net:  no new games to announce but they are making so much money (mostly on PC, mind you) that they had a balls out massive booth again.


13) MGS V...saw a little inside the booth but not getting the big dog/pony show until tomorrow.  This may be the first MGS I actually attempt to finish.


14) AC: Unity.  Saw it up close. Didn't play.  I'm not really that big a fan of the series but those of you who are should be pleased.


15) Speaking of AC,  LotR Shadow of Mordor is more impressive than I was expecting.


16) LoZelda for WiiU was fucking stunning.  Wow.


17) ...and Hyrule Warriors, must admit I didn't know about this until Tuesday.  Hilariously makes sense now that I saw it up close.  



...and I'm spent.  Might take the Nikon tomorrow to take some "real" photos...so...tired...must...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


PS...I have some themes for the show which I will try to post Thurs night.  One is sooooo hipster.

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how was it man ?


Exceeded my expectations.  So basically you have an open world type stealth/action game...what they showed was Afghanistan.  So it basically felt like Red Dead Redemption...you even have a horse.  HOWEVERS...you can fulton just about anything.  Those things end up back at your mother base, even the people you knock out.  They become resources that you can "spend/utilize" for upgrades and etc.  Sure, it had that metal gear feel to it which I know feels "Japanese arcade-y" but it sure did smack of Kojima's desire for humor in the game.  Your mother base is basically a platform in the ocean that you upgrade and grow over time. It's like a growing level in itself....which can be attacked and your defenses will respond, including other NPC friendlies.  I really liked that idea...a lot.


Otherwise the gameplay itself is like what is in Ground Zeroes though they claim the world in Phantom Pain is 200x larger.


Still unsure about Keifererthfer (no offense, I love 24) as Snake but eh the more I hear of him in the role the more I am fine with him.


As for the story, it's Metal Gear....so I'm feeling a bit like this:



About fulton system:

http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Fulton_surface-to-air_recovery_system )

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