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Look at Nintendo, showing real videos of real videogames, no bullshit renders, just ingame footage... Ubisoft, EA and the likes: take note!



And finally some footage for the new Civ :)


Actually fyi, Ubi's Heavy hitting games shown are all ingame and playable on PS4, however I'm not sure about Rainbow Six.

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Mirror's Edge:   HAHAHA It worked! Look at my Mapcore mug at 1:53. LAWL. Didn't know if it was actually gonna make it Yay happy to show we're still alive and kicking!     Star Wars Battlefr

Yay, so glad finally being able to talk about what I'm working on     Also there's already some gameplay footage out there (it's in German though):  

Nintendo is seriously putting their weight behind the Wii U. Especially the figures are a smart move. The new Zelda looks amazing. Mario Kart, Smash Brothers. Damn. Even without 3rd party support the system is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

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Rainbow Six Seige looked awesome. I'm confused as to why Tom Clancy's The Division has an old dead fascist's name on it. New Zelda was jaw dropping. I have no faith in Doom anymore. I hope I get into the Battlefield: Hardline beta. It might be fun, but it definitely looked like something I want to play before putting money into. Also, lol, the level of destruction and mayhem in that footage. They turned "Robbing some armored cars" into "One of the greatest terrorist attacks in human history," that moment with the sky crane especially lmao

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