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Mirror's Edge:   HAHAHA It worked! Look at my Mapcore mug at 1:53. LAWL. Didn't know if it was actually gonna make it Yay happy to show we're still alive and kicking!     Star Wars Battlefr

Yay, so glad finally being able to talk about what I'm working on     Also there's already some gameplay footage out there (it's in German though):  


Can't wait to hear Nintendo announce their next console tomorrow! I'm getting bored of my Wii U, it's about time they released a new home console.


lol, what? do you even own a WiiU? WiiU has just started to raise, with Markio Kart already here, Smash Brothers and the next Zelda to come. It's already a better lineup than even the PS4.



I'm joking man, lol. I love my Wii U!


Really excited for Star Wars Battlefront, and I was really intrigued by Battlefield Hardline too, that looks like quite a cool concept! It did at times feel like just Battlefield with a re-skin, but maybe it was because the objective UI stuff was very similar.


Can't wait for Nintendo's digital event tomorrow. Really excited for a new Zelda game! A new Metroid too, hopefully! And maybe a new IP? I really hope they have something up their sleeve.

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More concept art for Mirror's Edge:






I remember last year some were unhappy that the city didn't have as much color and had a lot of contrast akin to Battlefield (looking at you HP). Totally agreed with that so I'm glad we can finally show that's not the case :) God damn I hate NDA's, I AM SO EXCITED.

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