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Mirror's Edge:   HAHAHA It worked! Look at my Mapcore mug at 1:53. LAWL. Didn't know if it was actually gonna make it Yay happy to show we're still alive and kicking!     Star Wars Battlefr

Yay, so glad finally being able to talk about what I'm working on     Also there's already some gameplay footage out there (it's in German though):  

Can't wait to hear Nintendo announce their next console tomorrow! I'm getting bored of my Wii U, it's about time they released a new home console.


lol, what? do you even own a WiiU? WiiU has just started to raise, with Markio Kart already here, Smash Brothers and the next Zelda to come. It's already a better lineup than even the PS4.

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E3 stage thingies are pretty much dead at this point, guaranteed Sony, Microsoft etc are saving things for PAX and gamescom. E3 has ceased to be the big event it used to be, so don't expect so much from the press conferences, the interesting stuff will be the playable games on the show floor.

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Yeah the MSFT conference didn't excite me terribly.  Though I don't expect many people to be wowed by everything shown. Clearly they got the message to talk about games games and nothing but games.  And btw, "thank you for your feedback." LOL

Meanwhile, I'm less excited about Sunset Overdrive now.  Maybe I'm totally wrong on this but I dunno.  What else:


- Halo love for the fans.

- Advanced Warfare had no Kevin Spacey.

- Capcom has a sense of humor

- Platinum games bringing you big monster battles a la all their recent games...except scale armor.  

- The Division...same casual female in-game sidekick.  "Hey I'm getting shot. It would be cool if you guys took them out." (not an actual quote...just paraphrasing the tone).  Meanwhile I'm not really into the vfx in Ubisoft games with how it gives you all the meta information. It fits better in this but I've always felt it a little weird in Assassin's Creed.

- Speaking of AC, AC Unity setting is interesting to me cause wtf we haven't had much gaming in French revolution period. 4 player coop? Sure, sounds great except I never play that but good for the series

- I'm up for another Tomb Raider game after the recent reboot.  Sign me up!

- Evolve looks interesting but I think it will be relatively niche even if it does a great job at what it offers. There are only so many gamers up for that

- Wait no BF shown?   I did like how sunset overdrive poked a lot of fun at crate cover shooters and soldier gameplay 

- Dragon Age Inquisition, a potentially excellent sequel in an excellent series I have yet to touch


Eh...tired of typing...on to next conference...zzzz....

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The "vfx" in the The Division gameplay was through microphones, but then they had to roleplay to pretend how people talk with each other. In reality, it's a whole different story. New AC:Unity seems like the usual AC-game but this time with 4-player coop, wooooooh. And Battlefield:Hardline will be shown in the EA timeslot, no doubt.


Now, Witcher 3 ... definitely getting that. Here's what's in the collectors edition : http://images.webhallen.com/files/PCCE.jpg

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