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My condolences to you and your family bro. I cannot even imagine how painful it must be.

I lost my grandfather last year, someone who was very influential in my life too, and it really helped to remember about all the great things he taught me and how I'm doing my best to keep "his light" alive. I'll definitely pass what I learned from him to my kids one day, so in this way he never died, only continued his journey somewhere else :)

Now go make awesome games and carry your father's torch into the future :)

Thanks man, I know he was really proud of everything I'd achieved, I always found that very motivating, even more so now.

And thanks guys, <3 tha Core~

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To get back to the refugee crisis. I was watching the news yesterday and Germany said some stuff. Now, I really appreciate what they are doing. But you have to keep in mind, I'm Dutch. We are raised by a generation that hates the Germans because of the war. I don't have anything against the Germans. But because of that older generation, you still have these biased thoughts. So when Germany asked Syrian refugees to get on a train so they can take them to camps for help, the only thing going through my mind was this:


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Have you finished your studies then ? Or do you still have some time to spend at uni ?

First, Boston next week :3 
Then yeah, still got 9 months of study (until June) developing my final year project (and ultraflow 2) and I'll be FREE. 

Don't forget to bring the croissants for your last week :)

I'll do this on friday don't worry ;)

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My condolences Mazy... Last my grandmother not too long ago (she was awesome !). 

Pfewww my brain needs a nap. Been interviewing for this small startup in Vancouver. They look like a really nice bunch of human beings. Got a design test and finished the scripting test today. That scripting test was insane haha. Got it yesterday at around 4pm-ish and finished it today at 5pm (eat and sleep... didn't pass the night on it). I really tried to push for modular/reusable scripts... hence why my brain needs a nap. Feels pretty awesome to get stuff done like that.

There's a movie shoot right under where I live and there's a huge crane with an immense spotlight flooding my apartment. Can't sleep. I got blinds but it's like insane lighting. Note that as I am writing this it's pitch black night here in Vancouver. Linked a picture to give you guys an idea. Apparently it's a new show called "Minority Report" (based on the movie).


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To get back to the refugee crisis. I was watching the news yesterday and Germany said some stuff. 

for many reasons I didn't manage to get back to this topic, but I intended to do so as I've read an article about how the news outlets and govs are manipulating the information to make us feel pity and angry with these people.

The picture of the child for example was apparently manipulated (read: body positioned by photographers) for maximum effect. Then the footage from Hungary.

Last night saw a video reposted by a frightened colleague where a large group of immigrants were assaulting a person like hyenas.

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On a lighter note I finished my first obstacle/mud run this weekend. It was interesting to run it as a level designer, seeing as it's paced between just standard running and obstacles. The challenges were nice as most of them required teamwork, which made running in a team so much more fun. Some of them were also much worse  than expected. Who knew you'd get the longest brainfreeze after immersing yourself fully in ice water for just a few seconds? Some of the challenges were also in the north sea, some of which included a mild waterboarding effect as well as going into waist deep water to take a ladder up to a bridge... kind of like playing call of duty SP with like 100 other people. Definitely interesting as an inspiration and experience, will likely do it again if my body ever recovers.

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On a lighter note I finished my first obstacle/mud run this weekend.

Obstacle races are so much fun. I'm incredibly unfit, but I enjoy them so much. Definitely looking to get on some sort of circuit for these. Pic from my last one "The Nuts Challenge":


Where are you based for yours?

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