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Standing desks are terrifying.

Standing desks spread like the plague. Our CEO injured his back while snowboarding and had to get a standing desk. Then we hired a guy to do QA and he wanted one as well (because he is old) and now our game designer is complaining about a sore back and wants one too. And we're just 6 people lol


Are standing desks really that great?



We got pneumatic desks at work, they're great. I stand up most of the time. The only thing I had for a brief while was some knee pain, but that's gone now.


As for the thread: I just finished 3 days worth of cycling, clocking in around 240-250 km. I might need to sit down tomorrow at work ;(

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At my first job, as a gas station clerk we had to stand up all the time and I remember vividly that the first few weeks I got back pains and was super tired in my lefs after work. I had to get better shoes and learn to better my posture and it all went fine after that.

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I have permanent back injuries from when I used to work in construction but that's not really why I made it,. Mostly because my ass hurt from sitting all day :P


So far it's interesting. What I'm noticing is it seems a bit easier to stay focused, even on boring stuff but I get tired quicker. 

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Found on first page of google :



Reduced Risk of Cancer
A handful of studies have suggested that extended periods of sitting can be linked with a higher risk of many forms of cancer. Breast and colon cancer appear to be most influenced by physical activity (or lack thereof): a 2011 study found that prolonged sitting could be responsible for as much as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer annually in the U.S. But the same research found that significant amounts of lung cancer (37,200 cases), prostate cancer (30,600 cases), endometrial cancer (12,000 cases) and ovarian cancer (1,800 cases) could also be related to excessive sitting.


Dude. Sitting is some serious shit. Cancers. It's all science numbers and studies


I'm absolutely confused, i mean you can make people buy furniture to stand at work ? For real ? And it's apparently all startup trendy too ? Like, they do it at facebook ?


I mean, stand still on your chair, have a walk every hour. And you won't be absolutely tired for more important things than work when you are home.

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The whole sitting thing kind of comes down to this for me: do I want to live a little longer, or spend the rest of my god damn working life standing up all day? I need to do a lot of deep thinking at work and I just can't do that very well stood up. It's probably just because I'm unfit, but before long the 'oh my god my legs' part of my brain takes over.

In all seriousness though, I've come across this numerous times during my life and the science is very divided. I've seen just as many things cited as issues caused by extended standing as I have extended sitting, and the last I saw a review of all data thus far couldn't find any real conclusion one way or the other (if you see the word 'study' then be skeptical because they often contradict each other).

The fact of the matter is that humans aren't designed for sitting or standing for 4–8 hours straight, and there are health risks associated with both. The ideal route is to do neither, but as that's not an option for most of us then at the very least taking regular breaks (as in, GET UP) and not just sitting on yo' ass throughout lunch is the best we can do.

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i used those those IO interactive standing desks in order to preemptively fight back problems and guess what after a couple of weeks of standing my back started to hurt and it stayed that way for a couple of month. 


What i do know is sit stand walk lay down kneel roll around i try to get as much motion variety as i can ALL the time. never stay in the same posture for more than 5 minutes  that must be the best strategy!

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This is my workstation for the rest of the summer:



And this is during the winter:




So yeah, a month back (1st April) I was hired as a janitor all year around, with shifting locations depending on the season. The pay isn't great but it sure as hell is better than living on welfare, plus I work at my own pace, so there's no rush or stress. Getting a car as well thanks to this, something I have not had in many years! So things are looking up now after years of depression and living on next to nothing. I bought 3 games this week without getting the feeling I have to live on water and breadcrumbs for another month!!

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