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11 hours ago, FMPONE said:

So I guess from this list Japanese is one of the most difficult languages a native English speaker could possibly seek to learn? 


Correct, the lower down the list the harder it is to learn for an English speaker. It's interesting to see how high up Polish is. Just goes to show how little I know about languages :C

8 hours ago, Minos said:


Another thing that's very interesting is to observe how language shapes our very own thoughts, since we think in "words" for most of the time. What kind of thoughts would we have if we had no spoken language? Trippy to think about this. For example, Polish uses the same word for luck and for happiness (szczęście) which really makes you realize that they really are the same concept. This is a huge rabbit hole! (Btw if you find this subject intriguing do yourself a favor and watch Arrival if you haven't already, they explore the role of language in thoughts pretty well there :) )

This I find extremely interesting and this is one of the biggest reasons why I want to learn a lot of languages with different roots.. Even with what I know of Japanese now I find the way you say things changes the way you interact. They have some words that simply don't have an English analog so we have to explain the situation it's used rather than it's direct meaning.

I found this also to be true with French but I'm struggling to find a specific example right now. I guess I could say broadly I'm able to express emotion a bit better in French than English (or at least I could when I spoke it regularly). German seems interesting too, with all the schadenfreude and words like that.

One thing I love about Japanese is doing literal translations

皮肉 means "irony" but the meaning of its individual characters is "skin-meat". Lots of other interesting examples like that one, sometimes they really help you figure out what a word means even if you don't know the word (EX the word girl is made of the two kanji short/low-lady).

edit : I'm gonna have to watch arrival now :)

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I guess this could also go in the „Do you enjoy your job in the games industry?“ thread or “MapCore Job Census” but I haven’t shared in this thread yet, so here’s what’s up: I quit my job on Friday.

During last night my family grew up   I have now a second daughter and we are happy

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6 hours ago, Radu said:

@Vilham I never liked french. Now I'm working for a french company.

I remember speaking french was a huge plus when I was at Ubisoft, it was basically mandatory if you wanted to grow in the company (even though everyone spoke English perfectly well). We even got a teacher at some point, but of course it didn't last long, until the producer realized that we were working 1.5 hours less a week and somehow that impacted his schedule :lol:

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On ‎5‎/‎15‎/‎2019 at 5:01 AM, Vilham said:

On the topic of languages, I'm moving to France today, so I need to get better at French. Problem is I'm terrible with grammar.

Good thing is that at Arkane most if I don't say all meeting are in English if there is at least 1 English talker. On your team there is my last LD wich is american, you will at least have someone on your side ^^ Even if after 8 years he can speak very well, well "mauvaisement" as he like to say.

Most People in you future company are totally ok with people not speaking french even if there is less people not speaking french now than during Dishonored 2 dev (all my LD I worked with were american, huhu) and if you show that you are trying, well everyone will recognize you as a fellow workmate :D

Appart for the work, it's true that an ancient LD friend from England told me that he didn't fully felt integrated (he left for sweden after that) On the good side, Lyon is a very nice city with a lot of different etnicity for a french one. And it's full of British and Irish pub speaking both languages (Say hello to the Elephant and Castle for me :( )

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Congratulations brother! Savor each day.

Our little boy just turned 1 year old this week too, it's such a fun stage of development, you'll love it. One of my fav things is to try and fish what kind of personality he has, because every baby is diferent, just as we're all diferent. It's fun times man, never felt more fulfilled in my life before.




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4 hours ago, That50'sGuy said:

So today I visited a classic car show. And I even got to sit in a few cars courtesy of the very nice owners.

All in all, it was a great day! They even served free coffee! 😋

Cherish the little things! 😊👍

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