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I just spent 3 days giving Level design lessons for the first time in my life... and it was super fun! 

I gave them 3 hours of macro theroy about level design and flow. We spent the rest of the time doing their first level creationf from paper to 3D. It was super cool. I'm a exhausted ahah I didn't thought it would be that intense. 

In the end they said that it was the best lesson they got this year! So I'm happy :D 

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I guess this could also go in the „Do you enjoy your job in the games industry?“ thread or “MapCore Job Census” but I haven’t shared in this thread yet, so here’s what’s up: I quit my job on Friday.

During last night my family grew up   I have now a second daughter and we are happy

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13 hours ago, Radu said:

@TheOnlyDoubleF what software did you have them use?

UE4 ofc. Simple clear and easy. I prepared them a Platform-FPS ish to make level like the training level of call of duty modern warfare where you just move and shoot at targets. Already a loooooot to learn from there and it was pretty cool. Honestly, they did go. 

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10 minutes ago, blackdog said:

It’s good to know you won’t need to #learntocode if all else fails! 😏

Jokes aside, congrats! 🍺

still plan to #learntocode. We all should, I guess. Just had to do this first, or else risk forgetting everything...

9 minutes ago, Vaya said:

are you gonna have to wear a suit now?

no immediate plans to wear a suit :P

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8 hours ago, FrieChamp said:

Congrats! Nobody's gonna mess with this community from now on. We've got ourselves an attorney!


[disclaimer voice] I’m not yet an attorney. there are several more steps. Although this was a hard part, so thank you! [end disclaimer voice]

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