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6 minutes ago, [HP] said:

Wait ! There is no Haribo in Canada ? Or it's more expansive ? I need to know because I'm actually leaving France for Canada in a few months for an undetermined time. :D

Congrats, and welcome to Canada @ElectroSheep! :D

Going to Québec I would assume? Montréal?

34 minutes ago, I ♡ The 1950's said:

Oh don't you worry, Haribo is in Canada for a rather low price :) I would have never known just how tasty it is if my German grandmother never got me hooked on it XD

Yeah many of my good friends are from France, and they we're able to find Haribo candies here too haha

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Haven't been here in a while. However I read an amazing paper on path tracing that made me wanted to share it here since it opens in my opinion a boulevard to true realtime path-tracing for games! Artists will loooooooove path tracing, and so will gamers if we finally manage to make it happen!

Anyway, the paper is on learning the light distribution through a neural network more or less. It works very well and is quite impressive.

(Paper link )

It is an elegant idea that we shouldn't look light as camera dependent but for what it actually is in physics: a vector field (Well in practice it'd be magnetic and electric field, so two fields (but same thing) ). As soon as you have this, all the information you need can be precomputed, you can hope to infer pixel values fast for static scenes, and here on have interactive frame rates when the hardware follows.

Anyhow. Hope it got everyone excited as much as it did for me and have a good day everyone!

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4 hours ago, Corwin said:

My girlfriend is currently presenting the demo we created to R.R. Martin, not sure what to think about that. I can't help but be excited, even though it doesn't really mean anything. Fame is weird.

More info on this, plox! :D

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9 hours ago, [HP] said:

More info on this, plox! :D

Well I'm not sure how much I can share, but R.R. Martin is from Santa Fe and invested a few millions into a local art collective called Meow Wolf a few years ago. With that money, they made a park that I can only describe as "psychedelic Disneyland for adults where you can touch anything and go anywhere", and had a lot of success with it, so they're repeating the process in Vegas and Denver (bigger parks, more craziness). I've been working with them for a few months and that internal "vertical slice" (that I can't share details about) is now being presented to a bunch of stakeholders and investors, and yesterday was R.R. Martin's turn. He apparently seemed impressed hehe. This is going to be an interesting year!

They released a documentary on how the first park was created, here's the trailer: 


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On 11/29/2018 at 1:21 PM, I ♡ The 1950's said:

Oh don't you worry, Haribo is in Canada for a rather low price :) I would have never known just how tasty it is if my German grandmother never got me hooked on it XD

I actually found it first in Europe in the form of F1 car gummies. I am probably the number 1 haribo purchaser and fan in the world

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Following up on this trend

I wanted to see how quickly Twitter would act. My second tweet with the #learntocode hashtag got my account locked for “harassment”. Btw my tweet wasn’t directed at journalists or anyone in particular, I was just following up on the recent Activision firings with a post intended as satire, but does seem that people are overly salty about an hashtag, and/or Twitter mods don’t bother to look at things in context. 

I cant shake the feeling of how fascist this “ultra progressive” platforms/discussion groups are, when you challenge them just a little bit. This really bothers me, would someone get flagged for promoting their own course for example?

The full podcast can be found here and it’s enlighting and enraging at the same time to hear about the hypocritical stance the platform holders take on subjects like these.


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