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What's going on with your life?

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I went back to social media some days ago. Noticed that the woman from my thread, has gotten married now (officially). 
Weird, 6 months ago she told me she was single.

You guys were right all along, i know. I felt gutted finding out but at the same time, good.
Knowing she lied all along kind of helped to finally let it go. I guess it was something i needed to know to stop hoping.

I am a dreamer and i feel stupid having hoped for change so long, but as my history with women shows, im either one unlucky bastard or humans are assholes by nature :)

So, this will be the last of this, and im sorry for bothering you on this gaming-forum. Thank you for all the support, i will try to learn how to listen to it better.

End of saga.

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So I finally did it.

I resigned a week after coming back from Canada and last Monday I moved in with my girlfriend.

It was risky to move without having the safety of a new job, but I decided to go for it to force myself to do better.

I hope I can soon find at least an easy job with set routine, 9-5 or the likes - eg admin, just so I have free time to spend developing game dev skills, which I wasn’t managing with my random shifts. In theory that was getting better, as I got promoted to Manager position and we were finally sorting the staff, but that could have changed in a snap and the whole long distance was just stressful. It’s been too long and need to see if we really work as a couple, can only do that by sharing a place.

Per aspera ad astra!

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Well Im broke AF now , No job , No Money, No girlfriend in a country where Suicide rate is highest in the world, Alchoholism as well somewhere in top 5, Thanks god Im having where to stay, No suicide thoughts yet(I hope I will never have them), Dont use alchohol as well :) , Im still positive because whats left from here? Only to climb up :) 


Ahh yeah I forgot, Goverment decided to make painkilers as a prescribed drugs too :D

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I finally landed that job I wanted. Or a ~13 month mat. leave position anyway. Really happy to be back in a structure daily life. Can't complain much.

Also met a nice woman. Shes smart and cool, doesn't seem like anyone Tisky would fall for so I think I'm safe.

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