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On 27/02/2017 at 10:28 AM, Sprony said:

I'm sorry to say man, but they are fucking you over.[...]

TL:DR - Don't take no shit from nobody!

Thanks @Sprony, and also agreed.

Not that I feel like taking any shit, I was ready to discuss with HR and eventually bring this forward in more serious manner... but I think would be pointless. By saying that my line manager "said too much" I dunno how much of a case there would be even wanting to pursue.
Most importantly at the end of the day I'm afraid it wiould be counter-productive, I just wanted to put on my CV a job with a "manager" title, if only for 6 months.

Tuesday the boss came to me to let me know he had just received an email informing him the HR girl that was supposed to prepare the package/offer has left the organization, so back at square one (despite already two weeks ago he had promised he would do this job himself as this girl had been sick for two weeks already).

I'm sure I'll get my owed increase (with back pay) and now I'll just get back to a serious job hunt. Hopefully I will be able to kindly turn down their offer cos I will have something else available. It annoys me because could have just be very convenient rack up some (official) managerial experience while I could work on videogame stuff in the spare time.


At least I can feel good that Furious Angels has been released this Monday and is now available on Steam. I've posted a topic in the releases forum.

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This past weekend my car broke down, then my computer broke down, and I got a hell of a head cold that I am still fighting. . . did I do something wrong in a past life about this time in my life?

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Shit, sorry about your loss Sprony :(

Try聽to focus on all the good moments聽you and him had together, being thankful for each one of them.聽It聽will help to ease聽your pain, and your good thoughts could help him in whatever聽new journeys he聽might be facing now!

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So, I survived round one and managed to vacate my old home with just 2 minutes to spare. My new house isn't finished and I can barely open the door before I'm welcomed by towers of boxes and furniture. I have 12 days to clear the ground floor before my kitchen comes. I have moved 11 times, but I can't remember that it has ever been this hellish and riddled with so many setbacks. I don't believe in saying never, but you can bet your ass I'm not fucking moving again anytime soon.聽

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