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1st texture here


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Hey guys this is my first texture post here. I was referred by Izuno.

The texture is a diffuse map, 512x512 for HL2 use. Mainly for Day of Defeat.

Anyways, its suppossed to be an italian wall. Need work? suggestions? Did I convince you the audience it's italian??


**saved as .jpg for file space and quicker loading



edit: moved from the wrong forum <--- spaced it.

I also did a little fixing thanks to some feed back, got rid of that hole on the right. Also posted in a higher res format.


feel free to post your comments/suggestions.

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It doesn't look like you spent too much time on it, and judging from your previous textures, I think you can do better.

The shape of the curb doesn't make sense (doesn't on the originial either) And the shadow that it's casting onto the road is too big. In fact it shouldn't really cast shadow on the road as it's on the same level as the road and not floating around in mid air.

The cobble looks more likea brickwall and looks squished and grayscale.. Lose the black gaps inbetween the stones and put some dirt there, some weeds etc. The repetition on the stones is also very noticeable (you used a small square of stones and copy/pasted it 3 times to cover the whole area.

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...yeah it was quick, and I didnt go too far into it without posting here. But the goal was to try and remake the original.

I scaled down the brick because I thought the original brick was too massive. But I can leave the scaling to the mapper (**hard to remember sometimes)


--used original scale of rocks (512x512)

--Lost the crack filing

--added 512x512 dirt bottom

--added very slight drop shadow to brick for depth

--deleted rails for time being

I dont think I have anything to use weeds from so ill omit that suggestion for now.



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Ok now you've made a mistake that many people do when they switch from a low resolution such as 256 to a higher resolution like 512.... the stones are HUGE.

The stones are still a single flat color and the gravel needs to be worked in a bit better so it doesnt look like the stones are just pasted on. Make it look like they are EMBEDDED into the dirt. In general, don't just take a photo and cheese it in. If you don't have any deadlines to worry about spend the time and WORK IT IN so it looks good.

And more color variation. You can do some great things with color if you use it right, it's what brings textures to life.

Keep going :)

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ok this has turned into something completely different but i dont care.

I think this is too spread but is it heading in the right direction...?? Rocks look weird? Lemme know im actually trying...lol


This will eventually have the sides but im gonna TAKE TIME and do it right...speed kills.

a few minutes later:


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