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[CS:GO] Tulip

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A really nice update man ! 

Could you please update the interior of your church now ? It needs details (http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/43104786736459033/82283BFF615932B75F5A2B50E2F54CCF15B2D6AC/) ;)

I'm still working on the map and the church is one of the parts thats going to get some more love :)



Cool :) This one and "log"... heart-small-icon.png

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Great update! Changed lighting looks really nice and moody, while still providing good readability (based on screenshots, that is).
Is the updated version already on the workshop or are you keeping it back for now?

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Great map! Other than the interior of the church, which you said is wip, I don't have anything to add. The level is just beautiful!

There are a few bugs I found, but nothing big.


Nodraw texture




Disappearing prop model

Also, the tram is really close to that wall, impossible to pass it with its driving mirror in that position. It's a minor thing and there's probably a good (gameplay) reason for the tram being so close to the wall, but I'm just pointing it out.





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thanks squad. and about those streetcar mirrors i believe that IRL they flip out like this when the streetcar comes to a stop so the driver can check if there arent any limbs sticking out of the doors before he starts driving the thing.

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Hey catfood, heres my feedback for tulip ;)


The wooden plank here seems odd, maybe replace it by the same kind of ground the T's have (the ground you can see in the far left end of the foto). 



The left side of mid is good, because I can easily see if there is a CT sniper due to the good lighting. The right side is another case. During the playtest I found it hard to be sure whether or not there was a CT there.  



A low concrete wall (or similar) would be much more pleasing here instead of having to shoot through a small annoying fence.



If you jump onto the trashcans you can see over the fence, revealing a lack of skybox.



This part of the underground looks rather naked compared to the rest. 



One can jump onto the fountain and further onto the van. I'm unsure whether this is on purpose or something that needs a clip ;)



A friendly reminder that we can see nametags through all these kinds of fences ;)



You can jump out onto the first pole (not that it gives you a great advantage, but might need a clip). 



The new lighting fits the map very well ;)

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First of all, I really like the map.

The map and the night theme together look quite cool.

Two things I encountered running around the map:

Regarding the areas using that red light (example below),

I'm kind of worried that the intensity of the red light is a bit high.

Which makes those areas (atleast from my view) kind of unpleasant to be/watch at.

That may come down to personal preference or settings.


The second thing is that you are allowing the player to walk on the rails and to fall into the water, which gets them killed,

but on one spot the player is not allowed to walk on the rails, which is not really spottable without r_drawclipbrushes 2.



So I think some players will try to walk there(maybe including an airstraife jump) and may end up in the water.

I know, that this area is maybe not the most important when it comes to gameplay, but I think that this is something to consider.

Those were the things I saw when running around it for the first time, and apart from them, I think it is nice map.


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Hello mapcore,

I've been busy updating/polishing tulip lately and this is the result so far: 


I increased the level of detail of the church interior and overall detail of the map and also added 3D shop interiors. Here's the workshop link might you wanna give it a spin: link

Let me know what you guys think so far 

I think you forget a place when you said "3D Interiors". 

In the place where it's forbidden to take some pics, it's a 2D "shop", it should be nice to see someone behind :D

When I've seen this little street I always though about the old hostages skins for cs1.6 called "hot girl hostages" !


Aha ^^ 

Seriously you did a great job on this map, it has an unique atmosphere. 

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