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[CS:GO] Tulip

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Dude, that's awesome. Did you make all those props yourself? I love the tram :)

Is this the layout we tested here? Looks like it.


Hollandse haring bitches :)

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Congratz :D


Looks totally awesome!

Fog seem to be better than the pictures you showed before. There's one thing I'd like to point out: the interior of the church would look better with some more atmospheric lighting. At the moment, the lighting looks kinda flat in there.

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Looks cool man, but some of those textures/props look a bit dodgy in terms of quality. Specifically, the church interior looks a bit low res.


I agree with PogoP. 

I did a quick run on it and it was what I was thinking. 
The thematic is good and it's really cool to see a new setting in the game, especially an European city (is it Bruges ? Rotterdam ? Well, it's a Flemish city and it's cool and fresh).
Now, you have a good base to start increasing the quality of your level (brushwork, textures, details,...).
For the historic part of the map, you could check some famous Flemish painter like Cornelis Springer to find inspiration for some textures / details or what you want...
But...it seems that you are in Netherlands so you just have to check at your windows to find what you want ^^
Oh, and your map make me think of old cs1.6 de_deadlock map from 3D-Mike (still him ^^).
This map had some models for what you did in a street ^^ 


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Thanks for the kind words and feedback

@Sprony: Hollandse haring ftw :)


@Squad & PogoP: the church could definitly use some more work, I decided to make the whole roof one model to save time but this messes with the lighting

@spherix: Im afraid I would upset or scare people if I would call it de_amsterdam idk

@El Moroes: Its based on the current setting of Amsterdam, I went there to shoot reference and textures. Here are some pictures I used as reference http://imgur.com/a/QhtcB#0

@Mazy: I remember you having a good time :)

btw if anyone needs pictures of Amsterdam or Haarlem let me know I got hunderds

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A really nice update man ! 

Could you please update the interior of your church now ? It needs details (http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/43104786736459033/82283BFF615932B75F5A2B50E2F54CCF15B2D6AC/) ;)

I'm still working on the map and the church is one of the parts thats going to get some more love :)

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