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Importing Source Models Into 3ds Max


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So one of those things that people have been asking for in Wall Worm is better tools for importing assets into 3ds Max from Source. I spent a good deal of time working on these kinds of tools in the last few weeks leading up to the release of Wall Worm 2.0. (Thank You [and sorry] for all the poor souls who came to me for help in the last few weeks and got sucked into getting all of my repeated test updates that sometimes clogged toilets and induced regional sink holes...)


The list of updates is pretty long. There are a lot of under-the-hood changes in WW.


But here is a video on some of the new tools on importing model assets from Source. (At moment, this is limited to QC, QCI and SMD... no VTA or DMX yet.)





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And if you are especially loving, consider adding CorVex to your tool kit. It's fun, dandy, powerful, and helps fund all the fun updates like the video above.


Oh and PS... WW 2.0 is working great in 3ds Max 2015 so far. Below is a scene in Max 2015 exported to CS:GO. Woot.



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sweet i can finally switch to 2015!

I've tested some in 2015 but haven't used it extensively yet. It's certainly the snappiest version of Max yet. The viewport is great. But I"m still going to stick with 2014 until the main plugins I use are recompiled.


I updated WW this morning to add texturegroup importing and fix some bugs (like LODs being regenerated instead of imported and missing UVs on LODs)... as well as made it easier to retain the normals.

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WW was updated again. A higher-than-normal number of people have sent me bug reports for the last week and I've released several micro updates in response... some of which produced more reports. The exciting news is the volume of feedback. The sober news is that I'm just one dude. But in an attempt to be more, I've fixed several critical bugs reported in the last couple of days. Let's hope this is the end of bugs (for at least a week!). WW 2.042 is available.

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awesome job with the ww-tools!

i've used it to export all models for my upcoming map!


great stuff and easy to use...good job!



Glad to hear! Looking cool :)


PS. There was an update to the Qc/SMD importer today to fix a problem with importing QCs with sequence names wrapped in quotes (which is always true when using Crowbar).

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