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[CS:GO] de_unknown (name to change)


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Hi everyone!

I wanted to create map to CS:GO and I'm making it, but I want to know is it good idea with all paths etc.


The building at left with 2 arches includes 2 trains, and upper wall which make that strange shape is sth like "main" building where I will make balconies. If it's bad idea I will delete that. And I have big problem - what do I have to put in black space (e.g. near Bombsite B, CT Spawn, TT spawn etc.). Please, write down your ideas and I'll do it.


What's the reason of terrorist coming there? I thought that in these 2 trains is sth really expensive (gold, silver and other precious metals) and they want to destroy buildings paths where they need to transport materials.


What I was thinking about - instead of Bombsites I can make that map for hostages rescue. And where will they be if I'll change map? I wanted to make over arches room that there will be stairs between arches (with door, like hall / lobby) - office and 1 in that building near T Spawn.


Write your ideas below, I'm waiting for them. :)

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Judging by the vent props you placed in T-spawn, the map looks very small? If so, I think the chocke-points and general feel of the map will be cramped. It also makes it a bit too easy to rotate around the map for both sides. 

The middle corridor just east of CT-spawn looks too "powerful". CTs can guard both bombsites from this location and easily rotate from A to B (or B to A) . Try to redesign it, maybe delete the connecting path in the middle? 

I like the idea behind the train though. But I would consider making the train rails from north to south so it lines up with the bombsites, making it more rational to have the bombsites there in the process.

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Marcos, I checked how long did it take to come from CT spawn and from T spawn to some locations and it's showed in table below:
And there is changed version of the map, I deleted connector from rooms before A and B as you can see on that picture:
I thought about yellow area between bombsite B and powerhouse that I planned to do, because it's in front of way of CTs and it's able to look form hall before powerhouse from T spawn to hall form CT Spawn, so it's really long area. And second yellow area is near vent because I think that rotating from 1st to 2nd bombsite is so short if you need about 7.5 seconds, but I will probably leave that as it is.
And I want to add 1 thing - easy entry to vent is from CT Spawn, so they can jump over box or sth that I will do, but nobody will be able to go to that from A - I mean without boosting.
Markos, I like your idea with rails from north to south, but I'm not so sure that I understand what you mean. Can you download that picture and mark rails in e.g. purple color? 
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