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Material editor for source engine


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I dont even know the basics how to create "normal texture" to begin with. I would appreciate easy to follow instructions how to make workin normal texture in paint.net


Also I would like to know how to make texture that is partially transparent so it can be used as lantern where light inside can go through.


I managed to create somewhat working transparent texture, but it doesnt work quiet as wanted. My goal is to create paper lantern which shows the light source inside the box, but doesnt let all light through.

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Mapham: You will have to learn to use a combination of your intellect, Google and the Valve Development Community to learn how to create assets and content for Source games (and other software you might need). Everything is basically out there and if you intend to accumulate the vast knowledge you'll need by repeatedly asking, even about the most basic things, you're going to be in trouble. You are very welcome to post specific questions or problems you may run into, but you cannot outsource the learning experience to MapCore. At the very least, pose proper questions where you accurately describe what you are looking to achieve, what exact errors you have encountered on the way, what you have already tried etc.

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