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De_forlorn WIP

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To me this is one of those maps that feel familiar even the first time you see it!
I guess that just speaks to a strong and well developed theme. I'm super digging the nostalgic feel! 
Glad to see this one back in development :)


Agreed, the theme is frikkin amazing. 

Thank you for the encouraging comments :)

I am staying as close and faithful as possible to the Half-Life/Opposing Force theme, without sacrificing CSGO gameplay (angles, readability, visibility, etc...).

Fun fact: I've replayed "Blue Shift" last week to get additional inspiration :-D

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Ok, you drive a hard bargain but I will play them this weekend! Opposing force was the first computer game I bought myself, from Toys'R'Us no less! xD 


When I'm working on certain sections in the map, I get nostalgic and suddenly feel the urge to replay some sections in HL and OpFor, "strictly" for "inspiration" purposes :P

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Any current overview? All I could find was one from 2:nd May 2014 :v

Theme looks very clean, which is always good! It really screams Black Mesa and/or an old fashioned Bond-villain base :)

Thank you :). I'm trying my best to have visual fidelity and eye-candy while keeping visibility and player readability at a maximum.

The layout you mentioned is indeed for alpha 1 version; the current beta layout is slightly different in mid and around both bombsites.


Needs 100% more pinky rock faces ;)



Spot on, Jack :D

These rocks are iconic for HL/Opfor and they are on my to do list since alpha1 version but they will be kept until later stages in detailing since 50% of them will be in the map while the other 50% will be in the 3D skybox. I even included them indoors like the "Lambda Bunker" level :-D (https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17209-de_forlorn-wip/?do=findComment&comment=404898 4th screenshot-tunnel).

At some point in development. I considered the idea to have the outdoors more European (white/grey rocks with pine trees and green hills) but finally decided against as players will most likely dissociate the map from the HL/Opfor theme.

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Progress was a bit slow in the past 15 days;

I was focusing my time and energy on writing and finishing the 2 technical articles about Source engine visleaves and PVS (https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17174-sharing-my-newly-released-paper-on-optimization-testing-in-source-engine/?do=findComment&comment=406742)




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In another note, I was having a bit of an issue with the military radar on top of the rocks (screenshot in previous post). It's a func_brush (non-round resetting entity), therefore cannot be parented to a func_rotating (round resetting entity) in Counter-Strike round-based gameplay. The brush was immediately disappearing even at the start of round 1.

I had to ditch entities parenting and resort to "logic_measure_movement" entity, and with a bit of tweaking, it's working like a charm.

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