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Nice pic, i like the atmosphere a lot.

I hope the next time it's going to be a strong storm here during summers I can take a pic of the yellow. I've seen it twice during last two summers, it's so unreal when everything is like full of yellow light before the storm.

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I like it better as well (cool that you put it up!), but i would go for just a little more black. Also, when i compare the two, i have to admit, i like how your version isn't as conventional as mine. The second may be more comfortable to look at - which is good as well - but it might not be as interesting. I guess to chose which is best, it just depends on what you want to achieve with your photo. Nice work.

Edit: Forgive me if i'm wrong, but you also scaled the second version, right? Why not make the picture square instead of postcard-size? I just tried this in Photoshop, and if you make the picture square (no scaling) it looks best in my opinion. It combines the unconventional/interesting look with something that is comfortable to look at. It would be how i'd do this.

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