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London meet up ?


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When we were talking about it in the chat it became apparent that both me and Vilham are going to the London Eurogamer Expo at the end of September this year, so that would seem like a suitable occasion seeing as some (including me) are financially fucked during the next few months. :D I'll likely be staying in a hotel at the time so it wouldn't necessarily need to be at the expo for those (weirdly) not interested.

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Combined with Eurogamer is fine by me. Except, is it ok to bring an non Mapcore dude? Because if my best gamer friend (who doesn't design) hears that I went to an game expo in London without him (to meet pro designers as a plus) he's gonna be really sad.

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I'll be there. And by I, I mean a little robot with an iPad FaceTime app running. Please serve the robot beers (put the beers up to the iPad) and pretend like I'm consuming them. Maybe you could pour the beer out while I make drinking noises? A lot of logistics to discuss of course, either way it should be a fun meet up. See you in London!

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