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Hammer Tutorial #21 "Optimization"


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Hey everyone! I've completed a new Hammer tutorial that I wanted to share with you all. This one covers optimization!




Table of contents:
Func_Detail - 00:19
Skybox Creation - 5:52
Hint / Skip - 16:46
Func_Occluder - 24:42
Func_Areaportal - 25:34
Func_Areaportalwindow - 30:41
Fog Z-Clip - 33:32
Prop Fade Distance - 34:23
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Great tutorial as usual Doug. However, could you go a bit more in-depth about occluders and their practical uses? I know you say you don't use them often, but I know several mappers who use occluders a lot on smaller maps where areaportaling and splitting visleafs doesn't help them as much.

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