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Hellou greetings... I make Level Design/Environment Analysis for the fun!

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Mhaiii !


I didn't exactly know where to post this but hey, feel free to move this post around. I haven't had the chance to introduce myself at all. I just plunged into the portfolio section and started giving feedback right away. Sooo... my name is Antoine Ladouceur and I'm a level designer (hi, hi nice to meet you all *shake hands*). I'm from the Montreal !


On an irregular basis I do some kind of level design/environment design analysis of games that I play. I decided to do a contiunous series on the first Bioshock, but sometimes I'll analyze sections of a game that I find interesting and well built. I just have so much fun writing these I thought I shared'em with ya :). Maybe in teh future we can have conversations about parts of a game that we think are particularly clever and fun. We could all jump in and start stripping games away to find the core design and such. AH so much excitement... Very Passion. I really love what I do (level design) and so excited to be joining this community.


So here's the little portion of my website that I wanted to share with you all: http://antoineladouceurld.weebly.com/level-analysis-new-april-11.html


Currently in a Starboocks... with the lappy... caffeinated haha and making layouts in Illustrator.


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Looks like some fantastic content. Are you on twitter?


Wow FMPONE I've looked at your website o_o. Your maps... are... amazing. I do have a Twitter, but I'm more of a reader if you know what I mean. Here's the link: https://twitter.com/HelloAntoine



Hey Alex !! 


Thanks for the bookmark. I have a VITA !! I'll be supporting your game. Looks hilarious. 


See ya around :).



Nice thanks man :)


If you are even in Vancouver hit me up and we can grab a beer.



I am ! I'm going back to Montreal on the 27th of April. 

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