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Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

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9 minutes ago, grapen said:

Not every game is on steam, check epics site ;)

So, this is the only place to get it on PC?


I'm not really into having another launcher on my PC to update and manage some of my games. :|

EDIT: Ha, it's not even letting me to change the path for install. Maybe some friend has this on console so I can try this. Otherwise, was fun being hyped.

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Tried that battle royal mode everyone's talking about, had to give it a go, this shit will turn into the next phenomenon for sure. 

Really like it, after a few matches with a friend, we managed to get first. Knowing you won vs 99 other people is a pretty damn satisfying feeling, lol

The shooting feels a bit off, the weapons lack some feedback and swinging the pick-axe around feels very wavy, kinda hard to explain. I hope they keep working on it, I'd love to see vehicles get implemented. 

Will deffo play it again. 

Oh and as for the epic launcher, it's actually not that bad, i surprisingly don't find it much of a inconvenience, but it's also possibly because i already had it installed for UE4. But it is snappy and fast to load and it opens with your last game launched in its homepage so after first boot it becomes essentially invisible. 

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Oh shit I didn't realise the BR mode was free. I can see why Bluehole felt a bit threatened by it now. But still, they've already made a killing with PUBG so I dunno why they care lol

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59 minutes ago, FrieChamp said:

Have you tried PUBG?

Nope, I do realize this is a basically a copy of PUBG's game mode. Never played it tho, it sounds like one of those games that would absorbe my life for months, I know my addictive personality. lol

The fact that you just run around a map for 90% of the game puts me off a bit, even tho I know that's part of the appeal, when you die or when you get a kill it feels pretty significant in these games.

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9 hours ago, Blackadder said:

I was able to choose a custom directory. And, it's just a launcher man?

I was too, when I launched it again. Not sure what was wrong with it the first time. Installer looked different the second time. :???:

Also the point is, that when you have Steam, Bethesda Launcher, uPlay, Origin, Blizzard App, GOG.com, you start to think "Isn't it enough already?". It also means, I have to re-add all my friends again on another game-launcher. Would be great, if these just integrated with Discord or something, so my friends would sync between all of these game-launchers.

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  • 3 months later...

The game was not doing very well, the fun aspect just wasn't there and that reflected in it's player base.

The thing this game had it going for it, was that Epic was injecting all the cool tech they'd developing for it, into the UE4 main branch, which is a great win for us. So I just hope we don't see a slow down of UE4 features because of this.

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  • 1 month later...

I've been playing Fortnite for 2 weeks, I didn't know the Battle Royale gamemode was free so I gave it a try.

It's a really well-made game, the gamemode itself is obviously working really well (just as much as PUBG), but I really love how it differs from PUBG aswell.

The visual style makes it really easy to spot ennemies and forces you to stay on the move. And, because you just can't hide laying down in tall grass, the building mechanic is really efficient to quickly build covers and avoid being inevitably trapped in the middle of nowhere.

Btw, i love this systematic approach with building. The fact that everything you build has to snap to a grid was scary at first but you get used to it and play with it quickly. And the most amazing part of that is that everything on the map (except the ground) is built according to that grid, so that you can destroy everything (furniture, buildings, trees ...)


When i first saw this game, i was like "wtf this is just a copy/paste from PUBG with simple building mechanisms like in Rust", and it probably was in its beginnings. But the updates and improvements seem to make this multiplayer game really enjoyable, fair and challenging.

I just got my first Victory Royale in solo-queue 3 days ago and my first Victory Royale in Section (with guys i don't know that filled a squad of 4) yesterday. I very much like this game. If you haven't, give it a try and maybe if someone wants to play in Duo/Section, tell me on steam !

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