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Best UK OEM?


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Can you guys link me the best OEM retailers where to buy from in UK?

With best I mean those with the best price/service ratio, not simply the one with cheapest prices.


I want to look at some prices to budget for a machine.

After long time thinking to get a gaming laptop, I'm thinking about building a rig with a mini-case instead, but still open to different options.


I can assemble the thing on my own no problem, but of course if you can recommend shops that can do that at reasonable price, i'm all ears.


Thanks peace.gif

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It depends really, don't forget that lots of independent small vendors sell their items through Amazon. So in a way, you're searching through many of those small shops when you do an Amazon search — you can sometimes get a great deal. ;)


I always check, even though I usually get the best prices and range from the other three sites.

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