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de_infusion (working title) Feedback please :)

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Ok, so I had a look around your latest version of the map and so far the main thing I see ,that could need some improving, is the amount of corridors and separate rooms that you have. Maybe making them wider would help. Another thing I think could be changed it the distance that Ts have to take to get to B site from mid, it is too long, by the time they get on the site the CTs could nearly have surrounded them. Here are some pics to show you:


Make the wall higher so you can't see into the connector.


Make the wall lower just to make the site flow better.


Think about all the positions that Ts have to check when entering the site through a small doorway. To fix this you could make another route onto  the site.


Move the box there and make it slightly bigger to shut down sightlines. Also raise the wall at the bottom left because you can do an OP boost behind it.


Make it bigger! More cover.


Remove the ramp and lower the box so you have to boost to get up there instead of getting up there easily. Also add a box somewhere on the site. xD

I will give you more detailed feedback when I have more time to look around.

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Thanks for the feedback Panda! made a few of these changes.

So after what seems like a battle I have finally said to myself that I am happy with the layout and I just need to start detailing the damn thing. So from here on out I'm just trying to make the thing pretty. I know right now I am missing a lot of colour from the level but this will change going forward.

T spawn




CT spawn


T hallways


CT house 


T window


Lot of work to come!

p.s. Workshop link is not up to date. 


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