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RELEASE: dm_scorpius BETA 1


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I looooove it, but there were some things I was curious about.

In the main area of the map, looking out one of the windows you can see the end of the skybox model going null. Not a major problem, but thought I would let you know. Can't see it to well in this pic:


And the env_sun......is it suppose to be blue?


Other then that I love it, it flows nicely.

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it looks great. the different light colors and textures are in perfect harmony. i especally like the floor on http://img142.exs.cx/img142/2337/scorpius10ok.jpg. easy to be done but just cool looking.

i love your red pointlights. how long have you shifted the rgb sliders to get a color like that? :-D looks like neon, really cool. but this color is so much exceeding in contrast to the other lights that i would expect more freaky lights like local green spots for example. it's a bit breaking the ranks but still cool!

the brushwork looks harmonious on all shots. the only things i dislike are the windowtextur and these bridges with this truss texture. they don't fit into the map.

i will download it later. thank you for just a great map :-D

but you havn't submitted this one to the contest, right? *phew* :P

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