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MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

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@'RZL My demo file won't open. CS:GO gives the console error "Host_EndGame: Error reading demo message data" before going back to the home screen. I can still open the demo from my other playtest, and this one is also significantly smaller (12 MB only, instead of >50MB) than any of the other recent playtest demos. Could you take a look and hopefully reupload?

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Today marks my three year anniversary of hosting playtests for MapCore. I think this is a good time for me to go into retirement and hand the organization over to a suitable successor. And the su

I would like to thank you for your diligent work hosting the server. You have been very generous and patient and I am certain a lot of Mapcore mappers are very thankful for your service. I know I am!

PSA: New Playtest Plugin! Those of you who attended the last playtests might have noticed already, we're using a new plugin for our playtests! Splewis, one of the greatest plugin creators for Counter

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I requested a playtest. The maps name is "Steinhausen", it was "Paderborn" before. I changed it because Paderborn is a location in real life and that makes unneccessary problems. Since the last playtest there are tons of changes and improvements, so I think it is worth playtesting it again, so I can polish it before the contest ends.

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I'm trying a test group for mapcore submissions atm, might make things a little sleeker and less "downloading on the day" sort of thing. I can't seem to be able to add additional contributors, so I'll see if I can hand it over to RZL at some point. In the mean time...

MapCore Playtest Collection TEST#1

lol @ the banner, I had no idea a gif would work xD

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 @'RZL I was wondering, are there playtests during the judging process? It would make sense that you could use your server for testing maps with other judges, or that you have too much to do to make the playtest happen, hence I am asking purely informatively if it is :)

(I made a request for one today, without having thought about it, so if that's the case I'll reschedule it next week)

In the meantime, good luck to you for this process!

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