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MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

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Hey there, I turned in my map de_spice for playtesting on the 30th of June last night. I'm currently recompiling the map because the suffix was missing and I need to rebuild a nav mesh as well as the cubemaps because I forgot to do that. Will edit in an updated Dropbox link!


EDIT: Here's the new link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42455/de_spice_v14.zip Please replace this in the document and also change the filename to "de_spice_v14.bsp"

EDIT2: Apparently radar isn't working? The map has a radar map which works locally on my end and on the workshop. How do I get it to show up for the contest in the 'raw' bsp distribution? How are other people doing this? Do I just stick the .dds radar map texture into the zip file so people place it in their resources/overview folder themselves?

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Here is the updated link for de_fishery: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0hcW1xxeYk4SVpmb0pBc29xUHM/view?usp=sharing
As with NihiL everything should be packed into the BSP correctly this time. Sorry about the problems before.

Also since it's quite some time until the playtest day I assume it's okay to continue working on my map and update the link again a day or two before ?

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I have send RZL a message, I hope he gets it in time but I made some last minute changes last night and was hoping to get them in for the playtest. 


there are 2 versions of the map in that zip

de_kp_labs_150619b_pt1 is a version without a mid connector to B

de_kp_labs_150619b_pt2 is a version with a newly added mid connector to B

All files have radar, nav and textures pak'd and tested. 

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well damn, I got my days mixed up and thought the playtest was friday instead of thrusday... I missed my own playtest :(  I will sign up for a new date and hopefully get my dates correct next time. Sorry for the confusion. 

If there is any cancellation I'd love to test the updates mentioned in the post above this.  

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Bloody hell. I didn't realize I hadn't updated pakrat in forever, so I think that's what was causing the packaging to not go through, even though pakrat was saying it had the files. Either that or I'm just dumb and don't know what I'm doing. Probably the latter.

Anyway here is an hopefully correctly packed version of my map : https://drive.google.com/filed/0B0hcW1xxeYk4Y2YxWFFoelJhakU/view?usp=sharing
I deleted the radar and .nav files from the CSGO directory and it was working in-game for me so I'm going to kick myself if it's not working on your end.

I also changed the version to de_fishery_a2. Didn't change much since _a1 but it was easier for me to get this working and not confuse myself with the names.

I'm sorry about all this nonsense.

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