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MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

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Thanks everyone for the playtest and the feedback. I am going to implement a lot of changes the next few days.
Also I would like to reserve a slot on Tuesday, the 22nd.

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My ping is obnoxious, can't play.

I tried to take advantage of the fact i am back home for a few days and have a computer to borrow to get back in the loop, but damn.

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Playtest Schedule
Playtest 08.04.14

  • UnknownPredator's DE_Blizzard
  • Vinneri's DE_Theos

Playtest 10.04.14

  • 3Dnj's and Moroes' DE_Highlands
  • Vilham's CS_Mass

Playtest 11.04.14

  • FMPONE's and Volcano's DE_Crown CS_Bridge

Playtest 13.04.14

  • Gami's DE_Folly
  • tomm's DE_Shade

Playtest 15.04.14

  • Niller's defuse map KOLARI's DE_Tibet
  • Cincinati's DE_Disruption

Playtest 17.04.14

  • OrnateBaboon's DE_Italian
  • Anduriel's and SirK's DE_Losttemple

Playtest 20.04.14

  • xCuDi's map
  • tr0nic's DE_Mocha

Playtest 22.04.14

  • Borgking's DE_Acceleration
  • Stranger's DE_Workingtitle

Playtest 24.04.14

  • KingGambit's DE_Fracture
  • [OPEN]

Playtest 27.04.14

  • [OPEN]
  • [OPEN]

Playtest 29.04.14

  • text_fish's map
  • [OPEN]

Playtesting sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 21:00 GMT+1. We playtest a maximum of 2 maps per playtest.
For map creators:
If you want your map tested, post in the thread and suggest a day that is suitable for you. If the above mentioned time isn't a good fit, let us know and we can probably work something out!
Prior to the test you will have to send Roflzomglol one .bsp file, one .nav file and an optional .kv file. All custom content (models, materials, sounds, mapradar) needs to be packed into the bsp. For this, you can use Pakrat. He'll take care of the rest!

Submissions can be considered accepted if they appear in the schedule, this can take up to 24 hours.

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