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Hi to u all :P

First: exuse me for my sometimes sucky english, i am from holland

i gues a have smoked to much joints before english class :wink:

But let's get to the point....

I am a new guy here and i'am making levels for half-life 2.

I would like to show my latest map: ART_OF_WAR.

(that is not the final name but i have to give it a name)

i am working on it for about 3 weeks (not the hole day ofcourse)

It's not yet ready, (about 70%)

just some more prefapps, a bit more detail and more (diffrent) texures.

i like to now what u all think about this map

couse i aint making maps for that long time

the screens dont give a good impression

to give ure final judgemend, please......


http://members.home.nl/mdkeizer/ART OF WAR - beta v1.0 (half-life 2 DM map).rar








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Art of war sounds kinda cool. :lol: but why do you name your map like that?

well it was a name that i dit have in my head for a website

and yeah i need to give this mape a name, art of war

was the first thing that popt in my head.

but q1, well yeah oke if u say sow :-?

it was originaly maded for hl1 but

it ws way to big for the hl1 engine, so i have doped it into

a hl2 dm map, but if u say q1 what can i do to make it

more like hl2 ??


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What the hell? How old are you? Have you actually been paying attention in your classes?

I am 17 years old and i speak dutch.

writing in english issent the thing were i am best at

sorry mate, greetz

im 15 and i speak/write english liek a Pwner .. Movies did that for me though , @ english class I always do nothing and do nothing ;) btw; I'm dutch...

@ map : euuuhhh , I don't like VHE standing in the steam games list... EVERYONE is mapping now .. and why ? not becuz they have the urge to do so but because it's so *ing simple now and it doesnt take any effort... although the rounded doors with the trims look kewl ...

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Wow, you're younger and speak better English. Thats just what we all wanted to know, thanks for that. And what gives you the right to decide whether he is really eager to learn how to map, or is just being swept up in the simplicity of it? Just because the SDK is available to download from the steam games list doesn't make it any easier anyway, as the tools are pretty much the same.

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you've both got good points. people probably will try it simply out of curiosity and because it's so easy, but that will probably also get those few guys out there who will eventually make fantastic maps that otherwise wouldn't have.

likewise, simply because he may or may not be one of those people does not imply that he is or is not one of those people. you just don't know untill you ask him. it's simple as that. and your age has very little to do with learning a language other than how easy it is. The older you get the harderit is to learn a language. consider yourself privelaged, not higher, than those other people who havn't spent as much time learning english.

Concerning the map: Dragonfly, i think it's a good start, particularly since this is your first map. my first map sure didn't look that good :wink: but i'm sure you can do better. Try to make the rest of the map the same level of detail as the first picture. Put objects in the map to break up the monotony of it. Make it feel more organic and cluttered. Right now it's far too open. Look at other people's maps and try to imitate, not duplicate, what they have done.

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