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So what do you guys think of valves movie?


Personally I'm a little disappointed, but I think maybe I was expecting a better narrative and maybe more drama. Or maybe it was just a tad boring to me because I had already watched the tournament and knew the players and most of their story from before. I'm curious what you guys that don't play dota think about it.

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I'm a huge DotA2 player, however i'm not into that eSport thing... Of course, when i'm playing wih friends who are following ladders, I'm learning a lot about the teams, the players etc !


The movie was really touching and good looking, and even if i know how eSport is exploding, i feel like i learnt something from this movie. Following the players throught wins and losses was really nice, and it explains all the sacrifice they made to make carreer in eSport, and that 's the title "Free to play', we are never free to do whatever we like : we have to abandon part of us to go forward.


FEAR leaves his family to train with his team.

HYHY leaves his school to do The Internationnal.


And since i'm new to Dota (less than 1 year playing), I didn't knew the story behind TI1, very interesting to follow ;)

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I thought it was alright. I guess my main issue with F2P is most of the drama is external to the competition itself. The girlfriend, the father and the, err, desk are very important parts of the film (the father part really hit me in the feels), but there is no real relationship, let alone rivalry, between the players we’re following. Instead they have the shared and somewhat-manufactured antagonist of The Chinese, who are presented as some kind of unstoppable DotA2 force with no background on their own tribulations. But hey, it was well told and had all those cool artsy shaky-cam shots. One of the best adverts I have ever seen.

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