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@blackdogFrom the very first blog:



"We鈥檝e created a small team of UT veterans that are beginning work on the project"

So, I think my point (that is confirmed by the actions of the moderators, including UT3 discussions on Steam) is that this had great potential, but was thwarted by hiring "UT Veterans". All this did was create a toxic environment, wherein the community was always gong to be at odds with those who wanted to make UT4 a re-hash of "UT2003"...

Bad starting position, as so indicated by them abandoning the project.

They destroyed their own game, but, the mods continually blamed the community with 'you are not a real fan of UT...you don't understand what UT is all about' and so on and so forth. In essence, if you do not agree with us, the moderators, then you are wrong.

The response(s) from the community were a combination of shock and astonishment.

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Interesting stuff about UT. I hadn't been following the internals of its development. When it first came out I wanted to get involved but my job involved me working on another custom engine and working on 2 AAA engines codebases at the same time is too much for my tiny brain. 馃槢

Regarding the questions about how they are making a bunch of money and why they can't just move people on to other projects. In regards to Fortnite. The game is super live now so the workload is insane. It's looking like even the general engine has taken a hit and development has slowed down a bit. There are some signs that some engine developers appear to be doing more fortnite focused work these days.聽

They are trying to rectify development issues聽but the main problem is you can't solve game development and engine problems by throwing money at the situation. Besides all the logistics of finding the right candidate they still have to learn the engine internals once they are hired. Unreal engine is one of the best documented engines I've ever used but it's still massive and in some cases a little weird since it's moving so fast.聽

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